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Sola Cover & Case

If you’re shopping for a kids room this Marimekko bedding is kind of awesome (and it’s gender neutral!)  On sale here.


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Marimekko Cushions

My regularly scheduled cushion post – all available here!

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Aino-Maija Metsola‘s bold new print for the Marimekko Spring 2010 collection, called Ötökkä.

That’s a lot of umlauts.

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I love these print patterns from Aino-Maija Metsola for Marimekko.

The apple green/red wine combination in the second design (called Valkea kuulas) is particularly special, don’t you think?  It looks great as a sofa cover at least.

aino-maija metsola 1aino-maija metsola 2aino-maija metsola 4aino-maija metsola 5aino-maija metsola 8

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The unstoppable Maija Louekari’s new collection for Marimekko has hit the shops.  If you’re a Marimekko fan you’ll recognize a lot of her older work, but exciting to see this collaboration continuing.

Marimekko also have a lot of other great new designs, including some from Sanna Annukka’s which are especially fantastic.  Find your closest Marimekko shop here!


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