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Heavy Pencil celebrates its first anniversary tomorrow night at the ICA – featuring live illustration from Ian Stevenson, Anthony Burrill, Luke Best and Andrew Rae (both from Peepshow Collective).

How has a year already gone by?!  Check it out – should be BIG.


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I love these Boskke Sky Planters by Patrick Morris – they remind me of the upside down trees outside the Mass Moca in Massachusetts (at the bottom).

They’re available through Thorsten Van Elten in the UK.  The smaller sizes are currently out of stock, but I’ll let you know when they’re back in.

Such a great, simple idea!

sky planter 1sky planter 2tree logic

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Brooklyn Flower School

For all you New Yorkers out there Miss Nicolette Camille and Miss Sarah Ryhanen will be hosting an Autumn Color Workshop on October 18th at Saipua in Brooklyn.  Read all about it here.

The class limit is 10 students – so get in there fast!

flower school

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Who knew Florida was so depraved?!

Via Wired. (Click on the image for better readability.)

deadly sins

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Supermarket Sarah

Supermarket Sarah is new shop in West London – run out of Miss Sarah’s flat!  Anything you see on her site is up for sale, and you can book an appointment to go and see it.  Genius.

Check out some of her goods below.  It’s like the shop version of the Saltoun Supper Club!

supermarket sarah 1supermarket sarah 3supermarket sarah 2

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Ercol in Colour

Orange & Brown are offering these classic Ercol designs in 7 vibrant colours.

Colour matching is also available.


ercol-colour.1 copy

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The Getty Images Gallery in London is currently exhibiting images from the flickr/Getty Images partnership which features work by photographers like Katie Shapiro, Peter Baker, Cheyenne GlasgowHaley Allen, Guy Batey, Joseph O. Holmes, Sam Bloomberg-Rissman, Kristen Elsby (as shown below) and many others.

Check it out – it’s up until October 1st.

katie shapiro878440258617672086174001guy batey864311288878542887990564

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Yes – it’s worth two posts!

There is too much to cover in a hasty blog post – but enjoy these images of the penthouse in Highpoint II – Highpoint I‘s post-war neighbour.

This is the amazing space where where Lubetkin himself resided.  Where do you begin… The blue painted ceiling?  The Norwegian pine panelling?  The murals?  The view?  The decorative tiles??

I lurve it.

Images by Morley von Sternberg and Andreas Von Einsiedel (with watermarks).

Highpoint_Penthouse_M_D4FCDhighpoint 9

HP2 PH 112132008115932LUBET025LUBET033LUBET007LUBET016P092 PIC1016321200933125

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During ‘Open House‘ this past weekend, I was lucky enough to see this fantastic flat refurbishment in Berthold Lubetkin‘s seminal modernist apartment block, Highpoint.  Little did I know that it was redesigned by Adam Richards Architects, who also refurbished THIS beauty.  These guys are clearly genii (pronounced with 3 syllables).

And yes, Highpoint is truly awesome.

And also – I am really really feeling the cork tiles here.  Hurray.

Interior images by Morley von Sternberg.


highpoint 7highpoint 4highpoint 5highpoint 3highpoint 2

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Ilse Crawford’s company, Studioilse, is launching their ‘Seating for Eating’ collection this week at the London Design Festival.

Their solid chestnut benches are like modern reinventions of the classic Ercol loveseat (image at the bottom.)  Excellent, no?

You can check out the new range this week at Leila’s Shop in east London- event details here.


studioilse 3studioilse 2ercol loveseat

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