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Right up my street.  The apartment of New York designers du jour – Roman & Williams.

Images by Ditte Isager.

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Tame Foxes

I’ve never seen foxes like these – and they definitely don’t look like the ones that lurk around my garden.  However, that’s because they’ve been bred for a few generations in Siberia to be human-friendly!  Amazing.

A fascinating read from National Geographic.

Image by Vincent J. Musi.

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For the beachy-antiquey in you.


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Rustic Barn Art

Get your rustic barn prints here!

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Apologies for my serious lack of posts – it’s a very busy week!  In the meantime, enjoy this haunting and eerie photographic series titled ‘Blackout’ from Dan Holdsworth.

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My new Veja bag… from Darkroom.

And yes – that is organic cotton.  Well spotted.

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Henrik Vibskov Blanket

A merino wool blanket from Henrik Vibskov.  This could be perfect for our new converted loft.


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this place.  It’s a converted cement factory in Barcelona designed by Ricardo Bofill in 1975, which became his head office.  It’s such a fantastic example of a repurposed industrial building – and I love how all that greenery makes it seem like it’s still abandoned.  ALSO – doesn’t it seem like Bruce Wayne should live here?  Christopher Nolan take note.

Via Yatzer.

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Greta Shades

Lovely, adjustable drawstring pendant shades from WHATSWHAT.  Clever!

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This amazing new furniture collection from a trio of young Swedish designers is called ‘Ensemble’.  The pieces are all inspired by musical instruments and recently debuted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

I have to say – this collection really appeals to the band geek in me.  However, I can’t believe they didn’t include a saxophone lamp as well!

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