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Art Department

I think I could happily live in this stunning art studio/storage space.

By A31 Architecture, via Contemporist.

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Joe Kievitt

Mr. Joe Kievitt is my new art crush.  (And he’s from Maine.)

Geometry abounds in his ink and mosaic work below.

Via but does it float.

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DIS Magazine Fashion Trends

These DIS magazine summer fashion trends are oh so awesome - multi-length jean shorts, tankini (with pocket), garbage bag pocketbook and ponytail shirt.  More here!

Coming to a corner near you.

Via It’s Nice That.

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Plastic Box

 A unique, glowing extension in Dublin.

Via Archinect.

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There’s something about this on-the-road video for Robyn‘s new single that stands out.  It really manages to capture the essence of being on tour – endless highways, junk food, cigarette breaks, petrol stations, indistinguishable music venues, the occasional hotel room.

Maybe it’s just good-old attention to detail.  I particularly like the shot of the chips and salsa at the end.  Bravo.

Directed by Max Vitali.

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Helen Verhoeven

Love these ‘Event 1 & 2′ paintings from Helen Verhoeven

Click to see them larger – these are some pretty spooky gatherings.

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Crow Room

A surprisingly contemporary ‘crow’ mural by Robert Chanler from the Rokeby House – painted in the 1890′s!

That amazes me.

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Nice Windows

Beautiful windows from the Rokeby House on the Hudson River.

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Patterns of Renewal

Some great new pieces from Stacey Rozich’s Patterns of Renewal series.

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Autarchy Vessels

I’m back.  Phew.

Ok, my first post-holiday post.  This impressive installation piece by Formafantasma features vessels made from flour, agriculatural waste, and limestone. The colours are added using a variety of vegetables, spices and roots.  The piece, called Autarchy, is an homage to ‘the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday.’


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