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Orb money banks from STUDIO ARHOJ.  That sure is a pretty place for loose change!

Available here soon.

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Lovely ceramics from Charlotte Mei, some available here.

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Kami Pots

Apologies for severe lack of posts – life has become very busy, and will only get busier in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, enjoy these Kami Pots which are made from 100% biodegradable cellulose.  What a beautiful result.

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Illustrator’s Ceramics

Dear Laura Carlin: More ceramics please!

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Empty Vessel

The boys at Nous Vous have a fancy new website and are offering this hand-made vessel for sale.  It’s described as ‘biscuit clay with a sprinkle-glazed interior’.  What’s not to love?

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This project is from 2007, but amazing nonetheless!  Hand sculpted porcelain jellyfish from coe&waito.

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Gill Pemberton Chevron

My 1960′s  ‘Chevron’ coffee cups by Gill Pemberton.  I love them… and now I want the coffee pot too.

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Flower Vase

Often the obvious idea is the best.   How else would you decorate a flower vase?!  Subtlety is so 2010.

Available here.

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Autarchy Vessels

I’m back.  Phew.

Ok, my first post-holiday post.  This impressive installation piece by Formafantasma features vessels made from flour, agriculatural waste, and limestone. The colours are added using a variety of vegetables, spices and roots.  The piece, called Autarchy, is an homage to ‘the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday.’


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Fortnum & Mason are hosting a British Craft Exhibition featuring Eleanor Pritchard, Helen Beard, Donna Wilson, Hitomi Hosono (image below) and many others.

Get your handmade on!

Update: Yes, the Hitomi Hosono sculpture below is porcelain!

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