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Workaholic Lamps

My love affair with concrete is never ending.  I thought I’d be over it by now!

From Thinkk Studio, via Dezeen.


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Simplicity personified.

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Ebay 1, Man Make Home 0

Lost this lamp on ebay last night and I’m kind of gutted.  Boo ebay, boo!

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Mr. Martz

An entire suite of Martz lamps.  I’ll take the set, please.

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Emily Pendant

A lovely light from Mr. Daniel Becker… and considering it shares the same name as my sister I like it even more.

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For the beachy-antiquey in you.


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Greta Shades

Lovely, adjustable drawstring pendant shades from WHATSWHAT.  Clever!

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This amazing new furniture collection from a trio of young Swedish designers is called ‘Ensemble’.  The pieces are all inspired by musical instruments and recently debuted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

I have to say – this collection really appeals to the band geek in me.  However, I can’t believe they didn’t include a saxophone lamp as well!

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Le Grande

Le Grande light by Reinhard Dienes.

I want one.  No, I want all six.   This is a serious lighting crush.

Via Dezeen.

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I obsess over lights, yet never seem to buy them.

I love both of these – but in oh so different ways.

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