Time to move to a house in South Yorkshire designed by a ‘romantic pragmatist‘.

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Building Blocks

‘Building Blocks’ print from design studio Hvass&Hannibal – available here from the Wrap Magazine shop.



Aesthetics Habitat, severafrahm x Zoeppritz.  No words.

severafrahm_Aesthetics_Habitat_Zoeppritz_01 severafrahm_Aesthetics_Habitat_Zoeppritz_05 severafrahm_Aesthetics_Habitat_Zoeppritz_06

The Mushroom Picker

Luminograms of mushrooms – a surprisingly satisfying and magical combination.

‘The Mushroom Picker’ by David Robinson, available here.

mushroom-pickers-005-900x500 mushroom-pickers-007-900x500 mushroom-pickers-010-900x500 mushroom-pickers-011-900x500 mushroom-pickers-015-900x500

Workaholic Lamps

My love affair with concrete is never ending.  I thought I’d be over it by now!

From Thinkk Studio, via Dezeen.


Carpet Wall

Minakani Lab’s carpet inspired wallpaper (at least I think it’s wallpaper).  I was getting really bored with wall coverings until I saw this.

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Matt Sofa

A Matt Wisniewski imagined sofa… so dreamy.

Via Five Minutes to Live.

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