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Acne Portraits

This portrait series from Julia Hetta for Acne Paper is absolutely stunning.  It’s some of the nicest portraiture I’ve seen in a long time.

More here.


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Paradise in São Paulo

I almost can’t believe this place is for real…  I think I need more indoor/outdoor living in my life.

Via Yatzer.

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Tsuta House

A haunted house once covered in ivy brought back to life by SPEAC, inc.

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Copenhagen Café

Add Café Charlottenborg to your list for any future trips to Copenhagen.  Google Translate tells me it’s a place to visit ‘with or without a dog, pram or husband.’  Perfect!

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Pilastro Lamps

Simplicity personified.

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Landscape with Houses

An ideal Dutchess county suburb as imagined by James Casebere.   It’s all cardboard and astroturf… not far off from the real thing!

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Wren Bicycles

A fantastic compact new bicycle designed for ‘the journeying city-dweller’.   Find out more here.

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