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Covering Kafka

Some fantastic jacket design from Peter Mendelsund.  Makes picking up Kafka again much more appealing!

Via Creative Review.


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Antique Chromolithograph

Sold.  Doh!

Via Miss Moss.

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Le Grande

Le Grande light by Reinhard Dienes.

I want one.  No, I want all six.   This is a serious lighting crush.

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Globe Collectors

I love the arrangement of antique globes in this Viennese apartment.  And check out all those baby ones inside!  Ridiculous.

Via The New York Times.

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What is it? I like it.

Oh – it’s a 1940’s sailor’s knot board, of course.

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Anthony Zinonos Collages

Own an original

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Hair Whips & Bun Boxes

The title of this post sounds like a hipster band name!  Whips and boxes created by product designer Émilie Voirin.


Via Dezeen.

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