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Dogs: Gods

Photographer Tim Flach‘s comprehensive study of dogs is .  A definite must-have for any dog lover out there!

I’d recommend viewing the larger images (click on them).


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Carl Kleiner’s Diary

Thought I’d share some lovely images from photographer Carl Kleiner’s diary.

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Assemblage 1

I was lucky enough to see Faye Toogood‘s first stab at furniture design earlier this week as part of her Super Natural exhibition.  And, as expected, it’s absolutely stunning.

The collection is called Assemblage 1 – and focuses on three elements: wood, brass and stone.   There is also a concentration on English craftmanship and materials.

Some of my favourite pieces are below.  The hanging mobile (which needs to be seen in person) is made of solid brass rods in which sheets of amber-tinted glass (all cut to ISO 216 sizes) balance with found granite stones.  The ‘Element’ lamp is hand-sculpted from Perryfield Whitbed Portland stone (which is surprisingly soft and smooth to the touch!)

Super Natural is on until the end of the 28th… I’d highly recommend getting there to see it in person.

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Uniform Wares 200 Series

Yes, another Uniform Wares post.  But man, their new 200 series is c-l-a-s-s.

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Pet Lamps

A new series of lamps from Abigail Ahern.  Personally, I’d go pelican.

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Suippo Bracelets

New hammered brass bracelets from Fay Andrada (sold as a set of 3).

Modern, but feminine.  Nice one.

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Reason #4,927 to love Paris… ‘Human-sized’ furniture company, Colonel.

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