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Luminograms of mushrooms – a surprisingly satisfying and magical combination.

‘The Mushroom Picker’ by David Robinson, available here.

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Blexbolex People

Want. The follow up to Seasons.

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Very funny and available here.

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Oh, Amy – I love you so!

Coming this fall.

Table of contents:
1. Coconuts
2. Fake Candle Making
3. The Joy of Poverty
4. Handicraftable
5. Safety Meetin’
6. Crafting for the Dead, and Other Celebrations
7. Confectioneries
8. Sick Room
9. Crafting for Jesus
10. Hay Burners
11. Making Love
12. Sausages
13. Teenager Crafts, or Teenagers Have a lot of Pain
14. Unreturnable Homemade Gift Giving
15. Knowing Your Knack for Knick-Knacks

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