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OK – I’m pretty apprehensive when it comes to men’s access0ries…  but I’m feeling these braided bracelets from Woodland Supply Co.

Maybe the tide has turned.


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Issa Ring

An amazing, blue stone (that I’ve never heard of) called lapis lazuli in ring form.  Available here.

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Small Wing Pin

Wing pins made from naturally molted feathers, designed by Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile.

Available at Magpie & Rye.

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Suippo Bracelets

New hammered brass bracelets from Fay Andrada (sold as a set of 3).

Modern, but feminine.  Nice one.

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Elke Kramer’s ‘Shake of Ophelia’

Elke Kramer‘s new accessories range ‘Shake of Ophelia’ has just been unveiled – and (as expected) it’s brilliant.

I know this is MAN Make Home, but this is simply inspirational craft and design… it transcends gender!

The images of the campaign are here.

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Sky Time

Ryohei Yoshiyuki’s ‘Time of the Sky’ wristwatch displays the colour of the sky, as opposed to the actual time.

Imagine if we all became attuned to sky colour and not numeric time?  Quite an amazing idea.

Via designboom.

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Russell at is showing off some amazing new diamonds.

That is some decadent merchandise!

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