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Veggie Mugs

Thorsten Van Elten has some new vegetable mugs featuring Graziela Preiser’s 1970’s original designs.

Buy them here.

mug thorsten 3mug thorsten 1mug thorsten 3mug thorsten 2


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1965 Ikea Catalog

Check out these scans of the 1965 Ikea catalog!

Via ikke tikke theo.

ikea 1ikea 3

ikea 4ikea 5

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Yoyo Ceramics

The clever folks at Yoyo Ceramics (i.e. Helen Johannessen) not only created these lovely ceramic tupperware containers and egg saucer – but also a rewritable ceramic notepad.  Brilliant.

Sadly the notepad is currently sold out – but I’ll give you a heads up when it is back in stock.

yoyo ceramics 1yoyo ceramics 2yoyo ceramics 3yoyo ceramics 4

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Drew Beckmeyer Painting

Series of ten ‘uniques’ by Drew Beckmeyer for sale here – $125.

drew painting

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Man Cave

I like all the wood and stone combined with soft touches in this east London man cave.  Also – that is the craziest bathroom I’ve ever seen.  Can you imagine how cold you’d be getting out of that tub!?

It’s very Abigail Ahern – maybe her work?

Images from Airspace.

masculine 1masculine 4masculine 3masculine 5masculine 6masculine 7

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Marc Jacobs Tees

Marc Jacobs has released a great pair of limited edition tees scrawled with ‘I pay my taxes, I want my rights‘.  Available only in Marc by Marc Jacobs stores (US only I believe – apologies to the rest of the world!)

Via New York Magazine.

marc tee 1marc tee 2

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Carson Ellis’ Art

The talented Ms. Carson Ellis (‘illustrator-in-residence’ for the Decemberists) currently has original work for sale at Nationale Fine Arts in Portland.  View them all here.

And get in there fast people – these are originals!



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