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Praise for a bar of soap

Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer a bar of soap –  and these London-made beauties are particularly appealing.


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Single Cell Organisms

Ooh-la-la.  Plaster models of single cell organisms dating back to the 19th century!  Any takers?  Only estimated at £7000+.

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Check out this fantastic photo collage work from Matt Wisniewski (he splits his time between Rochester and New York so he gets bonus points!)

Via Yatzer.


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Snow Global

Snow globes inspired by oil spills from designer Neil Conley.

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First things first: I need a hallway big enough to accommodate this Yak.

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Elfyn Jones

Oil paintings from Welsh artist, Elfyn Jones.


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Word of the Day: zoolatry (zo·ol·a·try) – meaning ‘the worship of animals’.  Try sneaking that one into a sentence today!

Via Rhona Hoffman Gallery.

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