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Kami Pots

Apologies for severe lack of posts – life has become very busy, and will only get busier in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, enjoy these Kami Pots which are made from 100% biodegradable cellulose.  What a beautiful result.


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Mauricio Arruda’s José Collection

What a clever, clever idea from Brazilian designer Mauricio Arruda: wooden storage units that house those ever-familiar plastic crates.  The crates are made from recycled plastic and the idea is that they can be easily moved without the need cardboard boxes and the like.

Think how easy it’d be to move house if all your storage was from this collection!

I predict we’ll see this concept trickle down to the high street in no time.

Via Dezeen.

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Loyal Loot Collective – Log Bowls

I was lucky enough to receive one of these beauties for my birthday last month. The bowls are made exclusively from locally reclaimed trees and lovingly handcrafted by the Loyal Loot Collective and local crafts people. This could be the start of a Log Bowl obsession!

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Ralston & Bau

Check out this brillaint ‘Redesign’ line of products from Norway’s Ralston & Bau.

In an effort to be environmentally friendly they’ve designed products (lamps, cake stands and candle holders) that are formed from old plant pots, teacups, lampshades, and teapots.

All the original objects were sourced from Fretex (a division of Norway’s Salvation Army.)

ralston 1ralston 3ralston 2

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Recycled Housing

This piece about Dan Phillips and his company Phoenix Commotion from the New York Times is unbelievable.

Dan builds low-income housing from salvage and scrap using items like discarded shingles, cattle bones, picture frame corners, broken tiles, license plates and wine corks.

Hopefully we’ll see some copycat projects start up around the world!

(Thanks Brendan for the link.)

Picture 8Picture 4Picture 5Picture 3Picture 6Picture 7

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