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Farrow & Ball 2011

Check out these amazing new colour combinations from Farrow & Ball.  Maybe it’s a good thing we have to repaint the entire second floor of our house… and maybe we should start by painting all our doors various shades of green.

Via Bright.Bazaar.


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Barbican Food Hall

The Barbican has finally revamped their tired food hall – and the new digs look impressive.

Designed by  SHH, the new space features the original concrete ceilings (previously covered up) and brick pavers to link in with the rest of the building.


Time to book an event!

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Elke Kramer’s ‘Shake of Ophelia’

Elke Kramer‘s new accessories range ‘Shake of Ophelia’ has just been unveiled – and (as expected) it’s brilliant.

I know this is MAN Make Home, but this is simply inspirational craft and design… it transcends gender!

The images of the campaign are here.

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The Plumen Project

A new ‘designer’ energy saving bulb.  Available here from October 1st.

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Stunning, glass decanters with stoppers made from scraps found in a London glass works.

The ‘Minarets’ (by Ezgi Turksoy & Kacper Hamilton) will be exhibited at Mint for the London Design Festival.

Via .

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Amy Sedaris’ ‘Crafts for Poor People’

Oh, Amy – I love you so!


Table of contents:
1. Coconuts
2. Fake Candle Making
3. The Joy of Poverty
4. Handicraftable
5. Safety Meetin’
6. Crafting for the Dead, and Other Celebrations
7. Confectioneries
8. Sick Room
9. Crafting for Jesus
10. Hay Burners
11. Making Love
12. Sausages
13. Teenager Crafts, or Teenagers Have a lot of Pain
14. Unreturnable Homemade Gift Giving
15. Knowing Your Knack for Knick-Knacks

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Foldaway Bookshop

The folks at Campaign have designed Foldaway Bookshop as a key destination for the London Festival of Architecture.  The pop-up shop is made entirely of folded carboard (which will promptly be recycled when it pops away) and features architectural books, magazines and classics.

It’s definitely worth checking out… AND it’s on Heddon Street so it’s all very central.

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