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Aesthetics Habitat, severafrahm x Zoeppritz.  No words.

severafrahm_Aesthetics_Habitat_Zoeppritz_01 severafrahm_Aesthetics_Habitat_Zoeppritz_05 severafrahm_Aesthetics_Habitat_Zoeppritz_06


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Anntian Rug

Whilst frantically trying to Christmas shop online in a one-hour window (aaaack!), I came across this fantastic rug from Berlin-based label, Anntian.  Available here.

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Westerly & Easterly

I’m a huge Eleanor Pritchard fan – and these new Westerly/Easterly designs are brilliant.  That being said – I still love the Quail’s Egg blanket I bought way back when!

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Ok – I’m at the risk of Pendleton overload… but this blanket is GOOD.

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Swedish Flat Weave or Double Pile?


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Vík Prjónsdóttir

Check out these fantastic designs from Icelandic design brand, Vík Prjónsdóttir.  Their products are all made from Icelandic wool and are inspired by local myths and stories – past and present.  What’s not to love?!

Clearly all children should have ‘baby seal‘ suits.

Via it’s nice that.

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Antique Navajo

Here’s a cheaper alternative to the Kandinsky rug.  How’s about a hand spun, 19th century Navajo one?

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