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Praise for a bar of soap

Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer a bar of soap –  and these London-made beauties are particularly appealing.


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Wine to go

James Nash’s ‘tulip’ wine goblets are a proper stroke of genius.  Peel back the lid and enjoy.

Apparently they’re selling like hotcakes at M&S.  Has anyone tried them out?

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Cass Art Activity Book

Check out this fantastic book created as a give-away to celebrate the launch of a new Cass Art shop in Islington.  The workbook, designed by Pentagram‘s Angus Hyland with typography by the great Marion Deuchars, features fun activities for kids like ‘making your own comic strip’ and ‘draw a shark in the tank’.

I would have loved this as a kid – it reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ (which I treasured).

Great excuse to get down to Cass Art and buy yourself some art supplies!

cass arts 1cass arts 2cass arts 3cass arts 4cass arts 5cass arts 6cass arts 7

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Mast Brothers Chocolate

I’m loving this packaging from bean to bar ‘artisan chocolate makers’ Mast Brothers Chocolate.  Each bar is handmade using cocoa sourced from small farms and coops worldwide.  Through this highly crafted and considered process they hope to start a chocolate revolution (their words!)  Attention friends in NYC – buy me a bar (or two)!


– Via the folks at Lovely Package.

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