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Natsko Seki’s Four Seasons

I finally found some time to drop in on the Pick Me Up show at Somerset House last night.  There’s a great selection of work on (including the chance to get a glimpse of Rob Ryan at work), and the show was really well put together.

My favourite pieces, however, were Natski Seki’s ‘Four Seasons’.  They are massive (about a meter square) and really beautiful in person.  They’re on sale for £400 each – which is pricey – but tempting considering how stunning they are.

The biggeset problem is that I couldn’t decide on a favourite.  Spring, summer, fall or winter?


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A lovely little series by Hrabina von Tup Tup.

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Pig Stools

Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz‘s tufted pig stools.

Love it.

I have nothing more to say.

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La Trufa

A concrete hideaway in Spain made by pouring concrete over hay bales and then allowing a cow (named Paulina) to eat away the hay.


Watch the whole thing being built .  It’s amazing.

Images by owner Roland Halbe, architect Antón García-Abril.

Via Abitare.

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Villa Necchi Campiglio

Finally saw I AM LOVE over the weekend.  Ooh, the opulence!  The melodrama!  The passion!  Definitely worth seeing.

The 1930’s, Art Deco villa from the film practically steals the show (I say ‘practically’, because nothing can really be stolen from Tilda Swinton.)  But it’s a breathtaking piece of architecture, nonetheless.  The actual location is Villa Necchi Campiglio, a historical property you can visit in the heart of Milan.   Bonus!

Add it to your itinerary next time you find yourself in northern Italy.

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Untitled Spaces

A lovely collaboration from artist Stefanie Pluta and photographer Matthieu Lavanchy.

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Mariners Supply Company

These canvas bags from Mariners Supply Company in Cornwall have got it all.  They’re simple, sturdy, well-priced and design classics.

AND you know they’ll last because they’re based on traditional designs for fishermen and sailors.

Brilliant.  They really make me want to be on a boat near a beach.

Via Design*Sponge.

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