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D. Billy

Love these art installations by D. Billy.

Rrring, crackle, foooosh!

d billy 3d billy 2d billy 1


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Mystery House

I’ve had these images of a residential interior for awhile now – but have no idea where I found them…. Argh.

Enjoy this mystery home (with an entirely blackboarded office, and a stuffed zebra).  Happy Friday!

*UPDATE:  I’ve been informed that it’s director Roland Emmerich’s home – which was profiled in the New York Times.  My images are from elsewhere though – so that’s still a mystery!

flux 1flux 2flux 3flux 4

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The Ferris Bueller house for sale!

If you’ve got a cool $2.3 million, you can purchase Cameron Frye’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (yes, the one with the Ferrari).   Known officially as the Ben Rose House – the building was constructed in 1953 and designed by revered architects A. James Speyer and David Haid.  Mr. Ben Rose lived there until his death in 2004, and his wife lived there until her death earlier this year.  Clearly this house served them well.

The property includes two buildings (one is the infamous garage/ art gallery) – and yes, it sits out over a ravine.  Brilliant!

Available here.

ferris 1ferris 12ferris 2ferris 3ferris 8

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Black Family Chairs

Wow – love this set of four traditional, Swedish stickback chairs from Lina Nordqvist for Design House Stockholm.  Each chair stands alone individually, but together (as a ‘family’) they look even better.

Available soon!


black family chairs

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Adam Richards’ Quinta da Serra

Maybe it’s because I’m indecisive – but I think my ideal home would be an old property with a sympathetic, modern renovation.  This traditional stone property in Portugal (‘Quinta da Serra’) has been redesigned and renovated by Adam Richards Architects.   The interior has been completely reordered to suit modern life, the old stone walls have been restored and a contemporary extension has been added.

The combination of fresh, clean, white walls with the traditional stonework is surprisingly beautiful.  All my favourite parts of this house are where these two particular elements meet.

I think the fact that it’s in sunny Portugal is also subconsciously appealing!

Via CoolBoom.

quinta 2quinta 3quinta 5quinta 6quinta 8quinta 1quinta 4

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Jorine Oosterhoff’s Ceramics

How great are these fantastical works by ceramic artist, Jorine Oosterhoff?  Inspired by fairytales – each piece really seems like it could walk off the table.

Below are Lady Marmalade, Mad Hatters (with their oversized lids) and Creamy Bastard.

jorine 3

jorine 2jorine 4jorine 1

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Peter McDonald’s Art on the Underground

Check out Peter McDonald‘s great work for Art on the Underground, including depictions of daily life at the Southwark station (which have been made into badges for staff and customers).  He’s also done two massive billboards (37 meters!) which are displayed outside the station.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Southwark… but now I have a good reason to visit!

peter mcdonald 2peter mcdonald 3peter mcdonald 4peter mcdonald 5peter mcdonald 1

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