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Panther Shirt

Instead of a polar bear shirt – how about a Marc Jacobs panther shirt?!  It would look particularly awesome when sitting on this sofa.



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Kate & Wills Gloves

The perfect accessories to celebrate the royal event!

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Jacuard Socks

If I’m ever going to spend £30 on a pair of socks – these might be them…  MIGHT.

By Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony.

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Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony


I don’t think I’d ever wear it, and yet I love it.

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Uniform Wares 200 Series

Yes, another Uniform Wares post.  But man, their new 200 series is c-l-a-s-s.

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New Uniform Wares Colours

The lovely Uniform Wares watches are now available in some fantastic new colours – these are the navy, dark green and teal.  (Oh man, that green one is calling me.)

My deep red version is no longer available… I’ll consider it a limited edition.  Lucky me!

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Blanket Jacket

Ok, ok – blanket cape.  Fine.  But how about a blanket jacket?

I wasn’t even looking for more when I stumbled up on this:  a hunting jacket made from a Pendleton blanket.

The trend continues…

Via Selectism.

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