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Sorry folks, I’m off on holiday for the next week sunning it up in southern Spain.  I’ll be in this lovely village – brainstorming and thinking about blog posts every single day for sure!


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Budapest Abacus

An abacus from a market in Budapest… Wait, are those bottles and barrels of wine?  What kind of maths is this?!

Via The Other Side of the Shelf.

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New Uniform Wares Colours

The lovely Uniform Wares watches are now available in some fantastic new colours – these are the navy, dark green and teal.  (Oh man, that green one is calling me.)

My deep red version is no longer available… I’ll consider it a limited edition.  Lucky me!

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Thank you for being a friend…

Golden Girls nesting dolls here.

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Some seriously gorgeous oil paintings of mineral specimens by Carly Waito.

Introducing Amethyst, Rhodochrosite and Smoky Quartz.

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Thomas, Edison & Alva

Three lovely, sculptural hooks from Berlin-based designers llot llov.  The hooks are named Thomas, Edison and Alva, but of course.

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Stunning, glass decanters with stoppers made from scraps found in a London glass works.

The ‘Minarets’ (by Ezgi Turksoy & Kacper Hamilton) will be exhibited at Mint for the London Design Festival.

Via .

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