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Single Cell Organisms

Ooh-la-la.  Plaster models of single cell organisms dating back to the 19th century!  Any takers?  Only estimated at £7000+.


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1920’s Bakelite Dog Handle

If only I needed a walking cane handle.

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Swedish Flat Weave or Double Pile?


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Hermes Cards

Anyone interested in a 1940’s set of Hermes playing cards?  They clearly don’t make them like they used to…

Available here.

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Naomi Bookcase

This is a pretty fantastic place to store books, although the $15,000 price tag is a bit out of my range.  It´s an 80´s extravaganza!

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Mr. Martz

An entire suite of Martz lamps.  I’ll take the set, please.

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For the beachy-antiquey in you.

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