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Apologies for my abrupt exodus from blogging.  Looking after a 2-year old has really changed things – and made blogging a teeny bit difficult.

These days the only design I’m get to see is from old cartoons I find on youtube for my son.  Check out the colour combinations from this classic Sylvester and Tweety bird clip from 1957!


Hopefully more posts to follow in time…


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This new film from This Is It Collective is worth watching all the way to the end.  Amazeballs.

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This genuinely hurts my brain.

*Update: you’ve got to actually click on the image to animate it (an annoying template issue) – apologies… but worth the click!

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The Wrangler Blue Bell Spring/Summer site is mighty entertaining – you can control supermodel Tony Ward (yes, him, from ‘Justify My Love‘ fame) with the click and pull of your mouse.

Here’s a peak.

Directed by Petrovsky & Ramone.

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This spot by illustrator Jon Klassen (in collaboration with Studio AKA) has been airing over here in the UK – but for the rest of you living elsewhere, enjoy!

It’s as beautiful as you’d expect.

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Holy moly – this is charming!

Via It’s Nice That.

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