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Steel, Brass or Copper?

I’ve got a crush on these metallic tray tables from e15, designed by Philipp Mainzer.  I have no idea how much they cost (they are probably exorbitant), but I’m crushing on them nonetheless.



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Antonio’s Apartamento Azul

A great spread in Apartmento featuring the home of Antonio Montouto.  I like all this blue – it’s a brave move.


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Ann Toebbe on 20×200

Artist Ann Toebbe has two great new paintings on 20×200. (The burning house reminds me of Samantha’s Morton’s house in Synedoche, New York.)  They’re disappearing fast – so get in while they’re still available!


I’m also loving this ‘Red Plastic Plates’ piece on her website:


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The Tolo House of Stairs

This has been blogged about in the past – but I can’t resist sharing the incredibly unique Casa Tolo in Portugal, designed by Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira (and not his father, architect Alvaro Siza Vieira.)  Building on the ”houses of stairs’ genre (like Casa Malaparte), Casa Tolo is built into a steep hillside with the exterior formed primarily of a series of staircases.  I not only admire the distinctive form, but I am also a real fan of this type of concrete Modern (maybe even Brutalist?) architecture.

In all honestly, though, the best part is that you arrive at this house at the top which at first appears to be small concrete platform.  The series of staircase are a hidden secret which gives the whole place a real secret hideout feel.

*All photographs by Fernando Guerra.




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Dylan Freeth – watch this space!

Dylan Freeth is a London based furniture and product designer – and he is most definitely going places.  His pieces are functional yet clever, which makes them feel particulary original.  I particularly like his ‘divider tables‘ (designed to look like file dividers), the ‘between coat rack‘ (which not only serves to hang coats but can grip smaller items like gloves and scarves) and his ceramic ‘pocket‘.  Many of the items featured on his website are available for purchase – however I wouldn’t be surprised to find his stuff on the high street soon enough.


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Tom Dixon’s Beat

I’ve decided that lighting is one of the hardest things to get right.  I searched for ages for pendant lights for various rooms in my house – from the high street to obscure online retailers – but could rarely find anything that sparked my interest.

There are, however, some exceptions.  One of the best designs I found were Tom Dixon’s beautiful ‘Beat’ lights.  They’re a great balance between contemporary and classic – which is incredibly difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to lighting.  I love the combination of shapes, and the beaten brass interiors.  In the end these didn’t make sense to have in my place, but I still covet them.

They’re currently on sale at Nest.  A future design classic I would bet.


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I tore these pages out of World of Interiors a few years ago, but have held on to them because they completely blew me away.  Check out this truly inspirational villa in Caracas designed by Italian architect, designer and artist extraordinaire, Giò Ponti.  I can’t say enough about the splendour of this house – dubbed ‘La Quinta El Cerrito’ (translates to ‘The Little Hill House’).  I particularly love the Harlequin-inspired marble floors, the revolving yellow cabinets (to hide the controversial stag heads), the indoor raised flower beds, the single ‘walnut bed’ and the pattered ceilings.  It’s all a bit mad – but together it works perfectly.  The house was finished in 1957 – but 50 years later looks incredibly contemporary… now  that is visionary!


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