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Fruit Loop Landscape

An amazing image from Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman’s series, ‘Processed Views’.  The series explores imagined consequences of the effects of processed food and is inspired by the work of landscape photographer Carleton Watkins.

Via Feature Shoot.


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Mush, Mush, the Sloping Midnight Line

Lovely new works on paper from Portland-based artist/illustrator Carson Ellis currently on display at Nationale.  The various scenes depicted come together to tell stories of ‘desire, fear, atonement, nighttime voyages, and motherhood.’  No trivial themes here!

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Herero Portraits

Photographer Jim Naughten has done it again.  A stunning portrait series featuring Herero tribe members from Namibia. The history behind this appropriation of Victorian dress and paramilitary costumes is fascinating – read more here.  Mini history lesson!

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Bearded Mountainside

Check out this fantastic photo collage work from Matt Wisniewski (he splits his time between Rochester and New York so he gets bonus points!)

Via Yatzer.


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Snow Global

Snow globes inspired by oil spills from designer Neil Conley.

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Chris Garofalo’s ‘aquibotanous zoolatry’

Word of the Day: zoolatry (zo·ol·a·try) – meaning ‘the worship of animals’.  Try sneaking that one into a sentence today!

Via Rhona Hoffman Gallery.

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I Pity Inanimate Objects

Opening this week… more info here.

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