Man-to-Man End of the World Advice

If the world was indeed coming to an end, there are a few things that would probably spring to mind to the average Man.

Party time, go to Disneyland, ask out that hot girl you have been to scared to talk to for the last 3 years. But, when dealing with such an intensely debated topic, we thought it might be a bit better to put a more practical spin on this.

Here’s our list of 10 things to do immediately if the world was coming to an end:

1. Get a second opinion. Yes, this is the most commonly overlooked check box when you are told the world is coming to an end. Instead of just instantly believing the person/indicator that has told you that the world is coming to an end, it might be worth double checking.

2. Get a third opinion. Yes this is the second most commonly overlooked check box when you are told the world is coming to an end. Try to look out for signs at this stage. Turn on the news, speak to a neighbor, keep an eye out for ominous objects in the sky.

3. Try to determine when the world might end. This part is vital. There is no point in partying to hard, too fast. You may have weeks to wait for the upcoming Apocalypse. If so, it may become increasingly difficult to get supplies and actually make it to the end. Whereas, if you have just 24 hours, fuck it, go wild.

4. Get supplies. Yep, we all know that feeling at 6AM when the beer runs out. Well imagine that feeling amplified by a million when you realize you have a week til the end of the world and all other men got to the beer before you! Get supplies!

5. Loot a TV. If you have a decent TV in your man cave already, it doesn’t matter, it’s time for an upgrade. It’s the end of the world, so you are not going to get arrested for looting, but you will get laughed out of hell if you spent your last days watching the end of the world play out on a 22inch TV.

6. Get a weapon. This one we feel is obvious. You are going to need a way to defend your beer.

7. Spend some time with your loved ones. TV, Man’s best friend, Lara Croft. There are loved ones that you are never going to get to spend time with again. Do it now before it’s too late.

8. Look into an escape plan. If you can’t make it to the Moon or Mars, spend a significant amount of time researching bunkers. Whether they are already in place near you, or you must build one in your back yard. Bunkers are key. You wouldn’t want to be left out in the cold/hot/nuclear holocaust. Especially if it turns out to be anything like Fallout Las Vegas.

9. Check out this TV: <<Here>> (For no other reason, except that we are selling it).

10. Hold on tight. What ever happens, it will be interesting.