Asian Theme Man Cave Idea

Creating an Asian Theme / Oriental Theme man cave in your home is a great idea because they are relaxing and add a unique and fun atmosphere.

An Asian Styled man cave can be Elegant Japan, Classy Singapore, Modern Hong Kong, Relaxing Thailand and everything in between giving your home an unbelievable international feel.

On a basic level all you need to do is find some great Asian Decor / Asian Decorations for your man cave and you’ll get that Asian feeling you’re looking for.

But those who want to go above a “basic level feeling” will have to add a little more fun and uniqueness to the room.

Finding Your Asian Style!

To add that additional “Fun and Uniqueness” start looking at the following Asian Theme Room Decorating Ideas.

Asian Style Lighting, Asian Flooring, Asian Furniture, Asian Wallpaper and Asian Accessories to Asian Decorations. It’s not as hard as you might think, actually it’s fun and you can design a beautiful one of a kind Asian / Oriental Room with little effort and BIG RESULTS all on your own!

Add Asian Spice To Your Ordinary Man Cave

Throughout all the Asian Decor pages you’ll find decorating ideas that will bring your Asian Theme from basic black and white into living color before your very eyes. You’ll find all the Asian Decorating Elements For Asian Theme Room Success by using the tabs on the right.

Idea Submitted by Nancy Allen

I have traveled extensively around Asia and gathered many ideas for my “future” game room theme – Asian.

It is not in existence yet as I am still partly finishing my basement but I have envisaged what it’d look like. Since I have lived for a period of time in Japan I will use accessories, pictures that I have collected there. It makes decorating easier plus I have real knowledge of details to use.

I would use a mustard yellow for the walls. It is a good warm spicy color. Although my wife also suggested a calm sage green color.

Lighting would of course be paper lanterns. These you can find in any home furnishing stores. I happen to have a string of little ball lanterns from Japan as well as large globe shaped ones. Although I may also use some floor standing ones that I have seen in IKEA.

In a corner I am planning to have a large white vase and inside I will place bamboo canes or sticks of various types. My wife would like me to place a fake cherry blossom tree also somewhere in the man cave.

I have a sake set – really beautiful from Kyoto and I am going to mount this on one wall using those square bracket frames.

As this is a game room, I will mount a pachinko machine on another wall – I figured a mini one, so as not to be obtrusive to other wall pictures/decorations.

I have masks which I also purchased in Kyoto and these will go up as well as some fine pieces of Japanese art. I also have a magnificent “Samurai” sword which I will also display on the wall.

Since karaoke is a huge past time in Japan, this is a must for my basement. I will purchase a karaoke machine and download songs American and Japanese.
In addition I was lucky enough to have been given a kotatsu table (low heated table) from one of our Japanese friends and this will be perfect for us to sit around and drink our sake!

Flooring will be bamboo wood as this is the most durable but also cheaper than normal hardwood floors.

These are ideas of mine which I will implement once our basement is finished.

If anyone else has some ideas along this theme, please let me know.