Building a Man Cave Wonderland

When looking to start your own Mancave, you want to focus on several factors that will add style and functionality.

You should already have in mind the different areas of the room and what type of furniture to get. But you should also take this moment to write down and document the measurements of your future mancave before buying anything.

Perfect Man Cave Bedding

Adding a bed can take your man cave to the next level. It doesn’t only have to be used for sleeping, in-fact, the most popular bed you will find in a man cave, serves more than one function.

Multi-Functional Beds

Even though we usually sleep in our own beds, there may be an occasion that calls for us to sleep outside the bedroom. Every mancave needs a good sofa or couch, and sleeping on one isn’t very comfortable.

There are many multi-function beds to consider. You will find that adding a Sofa Bed, Trundle Bed or even a Day Bed to your man cave will provide a place to sit and sleep when needed.

Man Cave Bed Sheets

You’ll find that having the right type of bed sheets and pillow will not only add comfort to your man cave, but will help you sleep better as well.

Cariloha makes very nice bamboo products, and you can find comprehensive reviews of the best bamboo sheets on Bamboo-Comfort.

Apps to Help with Man Cave Design

There are several apps available for smartphones that can help you with taking the proper measurements and make a mock-up of the room.

Planner 5D for Android

I personally found “Planner 5D” the most helpful of all the Android apps for Room Design. It has a built-in virtual tour feature that allows you to virtually walk around the area with simulated furniture to see how it flows.

Houzz -Home Design for Apple OS

In case you’re for an app that will work on your iPhone, you’re in luck. The Houzz app has been a favorite of ours for many projects. It has virtual furniture that can be re-sized as needed to match any potential furniture before buying it.

Final Advice to Start Your Man Cave

As any man with a new home would feel, it’s hard to compare anything to the feeling of moving into that brand space, the once-and-future man cave sitting right before you – all the possibility sitting right there, and all the entertainment and relaxation to be had.

When you see the blank walls and floors, no doubt your mind starts racing with ideas of how to furnish and deck out your new space, how to make this new space 100% your own. You naturally want your man cave to be filled with things that represent you and make you feel right at home, to be as functional as is it stylish, and impress anyone that comes to see, especially friends and family.

But for some people, staring at a blank room is like staring a blank canvas – where do you start?

There’s no need to make furniture and decoration any more difficult than it already is. Preparing your future place of entertainment, relaxation, and vegetation (your man cave) should be enjoyable, and, if not an expression of yourself personally, a way to show your friends and family what makes your head tick.

Follow the couple of basic points in this guide, and you’ll find it’s easier and more enjoyable to adorn the man cave than you ever thought.