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Another reason to visit Iceland.  Reminds me of these.

Photography by Wild Wonders of Europe for National Geographic.


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Check out this fantastic photo collage work from Matt Wisniewski (he splits his time between Rochester and New York so he gets bonus points!)

Via Yatzer.


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What an amazing destination.

Image by Bradley Jace.

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This portrait series from Julia Hetta for Acne Paper is absolutely stunning.  It’s some of the nicest portraiture I’ve seen in a long time.

More here.

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An ideal Dutchess county suburb as imagined by James Casebere.   It’s all cardboard and astroturf… not far off from the real thing!

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Sorry for lack of posts this week – it’s been very, very busy!  By way of apology, please enjoy the gift of these imagined buildings by photographer Filip Dujardin.  Amazing, no??

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A random fashion generator… I could press ‘refresh’ all day long.

Via is it is it is it.

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