Single Cell Organisms

Ooh-la-la.  Plaster models of single cell organisms dating back to the 19th century!  Any takers?  Only estimated at £7000+.


Bearded Mountainside

Check out this fantastic photo collage work from Matt Wisniewski (he splits his time between Rochester and New York so he gets bonus points!)

Via Yatzer.


Snow Global

Snow globes inspired by oil spills from designer Neil Conley.


First things first: I need a hallway big enough to accommodate this Yak.

Elfyn Jones

Oil paintings from Welsh artist, Elfyn Jones.


Chris Garofalo’s ‘aquibotanous zoolatry’

Word of the Day: zoolatry (zo·ol·a·try) – meaning ‘the worship of animals’.  Try sneaking that one into a sentence today!

Via Rhona Hoffman Gallery.

At Home with Amy Sedaris

How did I miss this?!  I’m already imagining myself sitting on that sofa and eating cheese balls together.

Via New York Magazine, images by Dean Kaufman.