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In The Wilds

Buying this now.


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Yes – it’s been awhile since I’ve made a post about Mr. Nigel Peake… Well, how about a new limited edition illustrated book inspired by a week in Norway?


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Analogue Books in Edinburgh is hosting a great show called Turn Up the Colour featuring some fantastic work from some of my favourite illustrators including Nigel Peake, Penny Davenport, Michael Kirkham, Richard Sanderson and Jay Cover (no, he’s not on the payroll)

Anyone up there in beautiful Scotland should check it out.

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Does anyone else fancy a Nigel Peake RHS tea towel?

Not sure where they’re for sale, but when I find out I’ll let you know.

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No, I don’t work for Nigel Peake – I’m just a little bit obsessed with his work, ok?!

There’s a new print available called ‘A Great Weight’ – available here.

That’s all.

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The folks at It’s Nice That posted this fantastic work by Simon Evans today – and I had to share it immediately.  It’s that good!

It reminds me of Nigel Peake’s Fifty Nine Fields (another favourite of mine).

Make sure to check out more of Simon’s extraordinary work here.

simon evans 1simon evans 2simon evans 3

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New Nigel Peake Book

There’s a cool new Nigel Peake book called ‘Ghost Houses’ available here and here – inspired by a recent trip to Philadelphia.  £10 – a steal!  And anything Philly is alright by me.


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