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Ok – I’m at the risk of Pendleton overload… but this blanket is GOOD.


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Jacuard Socks

If I’m ever going to spend £30 on a pair of socks – these might be them…  MIGHT.

By Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony.

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I don’t think I’d ever wear it, and yet I love it.

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Uh huh – here it comes!  A sneak peek at the  Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony 2010 Fall/Winter collection.

Get ready to mix and match.

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Pendleton has just launched a line of products for Urban Outfitters in the states at relatively reasonable prices ($20 wallets – $198 large blankets).

Personally, I’m digging the ‘Turquoise Trail’ towel.

However, I predict The Glacier National Park blankets will sell like c-r-a-z-y.

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Blanket Jacket

Ok, ok – blanket cape.  Fine.  But how about a blanket jacket?

I wasn’t even looking for more when I stumbled up on this:  a hunting jacket made from a Pendleton blanket.

The trend continues…

Via Selectism.

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Woolen Blankets

My obsession with Native American Pendleton blankets continues.

This cold, gray, wet weather is not helping!

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