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Tom Dixon Glass Knobs

Glass knobs from Tom Dixon… available in deep purple, butter and blue.


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Enamel Polygon Vessels

Some stunning new triangle, quadrilateral and pentagon vessels from Mr. Tom Dixon.  (That’s 3-sided, 4-sided and 5-sided to the mathematically challenged.)

A blog post that’s inspirational AND informative.  Win win.

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Tom Dixon’s Utility

Tom Dixon will be presenting a collection of utilitarian furniture at the Milan Design Week next month.  Are these a reflection of the current economy?  Is utilitarianism the newest trend?  Their simplicity is refreshing, but wasn’t utilitarianism already a trend in the 90’s (all those cargo pants and (ugly) Prada trainers)?!  Maybe it’s just cyclical.

Included below are: ‘Spot Tables‘ (cast iron bases with glossy enamel tops), ‘Flouro Shades‘, ‘Screw Table‘ (cast iron screw base with marble top), ‘Pressed Glass Tube Pendant‘, and ‘Block Table‘ (copper plated legs and heat-resistant granite top).


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Tom Dixon’s Beat

I’ve decided that lighting is one of the hardest things to get right.  I searched for ages for pendant lights for various rooms in my house – from the high street to obscure online retailers – but could rarely find anything that sparked my interest.

There are, however, some exceptions.  One of the best designs I found were Tom Dixon’s beautiful ‘Beat’ lights.  They’re a great balance between contemporary and classic – which is incredibly difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to lighting.  I love the combination of shapes, and the beaten brass interiors.  In the end these didn’t make sense to have in my place, but I still covet them.

They’re currently on sale at Nest.  A future design classic I would bet.


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